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The future of the internet is not ads.

If you are building your livelihood, your home, your empire, your business, or your income on ads, you are not guaranteed income.

The future of the internet is direct-to-consumer content.

We value our time and this is how it already works. We pay for Uber and food delivery. We have Amazon Prime Now. Even Starbucks is delivering!

If you’re forcing your users to sit through advertisements, you are forcing them to pay with their time.

You are fighting the trend here. The trend is we are valuing our time more and more. We are willing to pay money to get back time.

Uber, Starbucks, Amazon Prime—all of these companies understand that we buy time. They are selling us our time back.

You, the YouTube creator who has tens or hundreds of thousands of subscribers, do not get to guilt-trip your subscribers for not white-listing your channel and for blocking ads.

You are forcing people to pay for your content by sitting through an ad. You are forcing them to pay with their time.

If you’re not giving people the option to compensate you for content, you’re going to lose.

Increasingly, people are paying for their time. They are valuing their time more and more, not less and less. Yes, some people are willing to sit through ads, but fewer and fewer people will.

Don’t make the mistake of living in the past. You are living in the past right now if you are guilt-tripping your YouTube subscribers for blocking ads.

You need to look to the future and see where things are going. You need to see the trajectory and understand that fewer and fewer people are willing to pay for things with their time because they’re paying to get back their time.

If your content is valuable, put a price tag on it—then you’ll see if it’s actually valuable.

Then you’ll see if people actually want to buy it. This is where you’re complaining because you say, “Oh, no one will buy it. The only way I can make money is by using ads.” You can keep saying that, but understand in the 10-year long-game you are going to lose.

You don’t have a monetization problem or an ad blocking problem, you have a business problem.

You have to respect the market and where it’s going. The way things are going right now is people value their time more and more. They’re willing to pay for their time. The future of the internet is direct-to-consumer content.

People pay for exactly what they want. They pay for Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Now because they get the specific shows they want. They pay for Amazon Prime, videos, and music.

They want what they want and they don’t want anything to get in the way. That’s why no one is watching television anymore because no one wants to sit through ads. We will pay $8 to no longer sit through ads.

I’m not doing this to make you upset. I’m not doing this because I want to take away your YouTube ad revenue, I’m trying to help you.

If you do not come up with a business model that supports you outside of ads, you will lose in the long-game. You don’t have a monetization problem, you have a business problem.

If someone is using ad-blocking, it’s not their fault, it’s yours.