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Today, we’re going to talk about where you can actually find the people you want to hire.

  • How do you find good people?
  • Where are the places you look?
  • What qualities should you look for?

One of the most important qualities I look for in someone I want to hire is the willingness to seek and acquire responsibility.

Most people want to shirk responsibility. People who look for ways to be responsible are the people I want to give responsibility to.

Most people want to say, “The problem wasn’t my fault. It was someone else.” They want to blame. They want to make excuses.

When I see someone who goes out of their way to take responsibility for a problem, I love it. I love when there’s someone on my team and something happens that wasn’t even necessarily their fault, and they go out of their way to take responsibility.

“Sean, I’m sorry this happened. I’m sorry I didn’t prevent it. What I’m going to do to keep this from happening in the future is [this].” They don’t come up with excuses. They don’t blame other people or systems. They take responsibility.

Look for Good Communicators

Great employees are good at communication. You want people who are effective communicators. It’s a deal breaker if they’re not. If they can’t effectively communicate, we’re not going to be able to get anything done.

Great Employees Have Side Projects—Expect It and Encourage It!

You want people who are hard workers, who are passionate. It should come as no surprise that these people have side projects.

Someone in the Community was recently saying that they went to a job interview, and it was a deal breaker for this employer that he had a side project!

This particular candidate worked on a side project. That’s exactly who I want—someone who’s dedicated, someone who’s driven, passionate, and motivated.

What do you think that kind of person is going to be doing? Do you think they’re going to be sitting around, not doing anything? Of course they have side projects! You should welcome that.

You want people who are already on board with your mission.

What is your mission? We talked about this in yesterday’s episode, How to Get a Team on Board With Your Mission and Vision.

Find Places With People Who Are Already On Board With Your Values

Once you know your vision, the question you want to ask yourself is, “Where are the people who are already on board with my values hanging out?” Where can you find those people? This is a huge competitive advantage that we have with our Community.

Having your own community is your best competitive advantage.

I only ever hire exclusively from our Community.

You may have an audience, but an audience and a community aren’t exactly the same thing.

An audience is a group of people who are coming for your message. An audience is one-to-many, but a community is many-to-many. The relationship is a bunch of people talking to each other.

Community is something we’re very passionate about at seanwes, not just because we have our own private community, but also because we’ve built a community messaging system that we use internally, and it’s incredible. It’s the glue to our membership.

We’re going to be making this system available to others at, if you want to check that out.

When you have your own community, you don’t ever want to hire outside of our community.

These people are already on board with your mission, your values, and your principles. When you have your own community of people, that’s the perfect talent pool to pull from when you want to hire.

Forget the Job Boards—Go Where the People You Want Are

My recommendation is not just to blast out a message and say, “Hey, I’m accepting applications. Apply to join!” You’re going to have to wade through a whole lot of applications from people who probably aren’t going to be a great fit.

Instead of blasting that out on job boards, go where the people you want already are.

Most of the people you want are probably busy with their heads down—making things and doing side projects.

Find out where those people hang out and build relationships with them, because they also know people who would be great candidates.

A referral is going to give you a much better potential employee than announcing you’re accepting job applications.

When I’ve hired people for the different businesses I’ve had in the past 10 or 11 years, I’ve done it different ways.

I didn’t always have a community, but since having a community, hiring people from the Community who are already on board has been incredible. You have people who are already invested, and it’s a seamless on-boarding.

Build Something Bigger Than Yourself

I still remember those days when I felt stuck. I didn’t know who to hire. I didn’t know who the first hire should be.

What do I hire them to do? Should they do what I do? Should they do what I can’t do, what I don’t want to do, what I’m not good at? Should they help me make money or free up my time so I can make money?

I was confused, and that confusion had me stuck. I felt like I couldn’t move, I couldn’t do anything, and the results of my business looked the same. You look at my revenue and the growth of my audience, and it was stuck along with me.

I know you’re in the same place. I don’t want you to be there. I don’t want you to waste years like I did. I want you help you. That’s why, next week, we are hosting a live, three day workshop called Hiring Bootcamp.

Overwhelmed, Overworked, and Need Help You Can’t Afford

If you’re like me, you started a business because you wanted freedom, but you end up feeling overworked, overwhelmed, and you’re exhausted. You have more work than one human can possibly do, and you need help. You need to delegate.

You need people on your team, but you can’t afford it. What do you do when you’re in this place where your business is doing well enough that you have so much work you can’t handle it all, yet you can’t bring someone else on to help? I’ve been in this place, and I was stuck. It’s basically a chicken and the egg problem. Which comes first? Do you hire people to help, or do you try to get more work to make enough money to hire people?

I stagnated for years. I let this problem waste years for me, and it ended up running my business into the ground. The business stagnated and I ended up selling it for way less than it was worth. That’s why I want to help you. Next week, we have a live three day workshop called Hiring Bootcamp. You can learn more and save 50% when you enroll at

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Build Something Bigger Than Yourself

You know you need help. You know you need to hire someone on your team. You know you could grow if you delegated, but you feel like you don’t have time to make this a priority. If that’s how you feel, this workshop is for you.

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