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Most other habit trackers have many rows for tracking dozens of habits—ranging from the big important habits, all the way down to silly habits.

You see people making cool designs, marking boxes with “X”es, or filling them with pretty colors.

But at some point, the focus shifts from doing the important things to tracking habits for the sake of tracking habits. 🤔

Eventually, you’re tracking so many habits, you also have to build the habit of tracking habits!

  • I wanted something simple.
  • I needed something practical.
  • I just wanted to focus the most important habits in my life.

The Five Habit Tracker is an exercise in limitation.

You can track your habits with a hand drawn habit tracker or with a digital habit tracker.

Learn to draw your own habit tracker—I’ve listed out detailed instructions and downloadable digital templates:

Save yourself a dozen hours with the printable PDFs.