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What do you do when your family doesn’t believe in you?

What if your parents don’t support you?

Sometimes your husband or wife doesn’t believe in you. Are you out of luck if you don’t have the support of your spouse or family?

There is something you can do to get the support of your family.

I’m sharing a clip from one my Client Work Essentials class sessions.

Most of the class is about business, but I’m sharing a productive tangent I went on where I talk about what to do when your family doesn’t support you.

You can’t afford to have people in your life who aren’t on board with your vision.

So how in the world do you get those people to buy in? What if they’re not supportive? What if they’re discouraging? What if they don’t care?

The HOW is actually not very obvious at all.

This is for you if you know there are people in your life who:

  • A: Don’t know your vision.
  • B: Aren’t on board with your ambitions.
  • C: Are actively discouraging you from your dreams.