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The best way to publish consistently is to make an editorial calendar.

Cory Miller just launched his new side project: Vlogology.

However, there’s a catch: he hasn’t actually completely finished his project! So why is he launching?

He’s decided to launch Vlogology with the lessons he’s already finished writing and commit to publishing one new lesson per week moving forward.

In other words, he’s getting inside the weekly cycle like we talk about in Audience Building Course.

However, what we also talk about in Audience Building Course is creating your editorial calendar and building up a buffer of content.

What you don’t want to do is wait until the last minute where you’re scrambling to finish something the night before it’s scheduled to be published! (This is where Cory is right now.)

The solution is to get a buffer of content in place. For weekly content, I recommend having at least 4 weeks of finished content ready to go in the queue! An editorial calendar helps you plan out your content on a schedule.

We talk about how to get ahead on your content and how to gradually build up a buffer.