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How do you show up every day?

How do you create content every single day? Should you even create daily content?

That’s the ultimate question we discuss in the episode. It was quite the journey! Ryan had some great pushback, which resulted in some insightful discussion. We land in a great place at the end.

We talk about lowering the mental bar of perfection in your mind and how live streaming can be a way to quickly and easily create content.

The idea of “documenting over creating” that Gary Vaynerchuk espouses is another trick you can use to get over feeling stuck. Just share the process. Share your journey.

What is uninteresting and mundane to you is interesting to other people. You don’t get to judge whether or not your process is interesting or valuable. Share it anyway. Others will decide.

Start with the end in mind: I show up every day. I will create content every single day. Now, how can I make that happen? How can that become a reality?

The key is to lower the bar as far as you can until you no longer feel the resistance of creating every day.

It has to be a given that you show up every day. Now, how can you make that as easy as possible?

Once you’ve built the muscle of showing up daily (and it IS a muscle), then you can add strategy to the action.

Start with a commitment to show up. You can’t steer a parked car.