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Gary Vaynerchuk has put forth this idea of “documenting vs. creating“. His advice is to think less in terms of “needing to create” and more in terms of documenting your journey.

Just share the process.

Don’t overthink it, just document it!

Capture your journey. Show people what you’re working on and how you work. Take people behind the scenes.

What does your day look like?

One common objection to this idea of documenting is, “But my life is boring. People wouldn’t be interested.”

But you don’t get to decide what is valuable. What’s mundane into you is interesting to someone else.

It’s not your job to judge the value of your documentation. Just put it out there and let others decide.

Besides, even if there is no current audience for your documentation, you should do it anyway for your future self. You’re creating a record of your history.

You’re demonstrating that what you do is not magic, there’s a process to it. Documenting is a great way to build your brand without getting caught up in overthinking.

Here’s our challenge for you today: grab your phone and make a video. Stop overthinking. Start recording yourself and talk about something you’re working on today. Upload the video and leave a comment describing your video with a link to it.