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Cory is trying to finish his side project, Vlogology, but now there’s another side project that is stealing some of his attention.

This is very common. You have something you start because you’re excited and then you get Shiny Object Syndrome. Something catches your eye and takes your attention away from what you were originally doing.

It’s the allure of “the first 50%”. The first 50% of a project is fun and exciting. The second half… not so much.

It’s much easier to start something than it is to finish it.

What’s the first rule of side projects? Focus on one at a time.

If you want to do a second project, you have to finish the first. The fastest way to get to work on the second project is to finish the first project.

You’re not always going to be motivated to work on your side project. You may be procrastinating. You may not feel motivation.

But you can’t start with motivation. Motivation is not a source, it’s a result. It’s a result of showing up. Make a commitment to show up.

Commit to a scheduled block of time. Carve out dedicated time to work on your side project. This is very different from simply implementing a deadline.

Deadlines are making you procrastinate. They’re making you wait until the last minute.

Remove choice from the equation by scheduling blocks of time where you are committing to work on your side project.