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Overlap is a book I wrote for anyone wanting to start a business while working a full-time job.

This weekly lecture series features my commentary on the book, one chapter at a time. It differs from the audiobook in that it’s not merely a reading of the book.

The way I’m approaching this series is by thinking of it in terms of how I would deliver the book to you in my own words if we were speaking together personally.

These lectures are streamed live to seanwes members and feature a Q&A segment at the end.

The Overlap book is available in hardcover, audiobook, and eBook formats at

There are five sections of the book—each of which comprise an average of five chapters:

  • I: Find Your Passion
  • II: Protect Your Passion
  • III: Invest in Your Passion
  • IV: Monetize Your Passion
  • V: Market Your Passion

At the conclusion of each section, I will schedule a public live stream in which I recap the section and answer questions live. While all 27 sessions will be streamed live to seanwes members, a total of 5 recaps will be streamed publicly.

The best way to be notified of these public live streams is to subscribe to the YouTube channel and hit the notification bell.

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