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Jump to 14:45 for the start of our t-shirt conversation.

The first half of our conversation centers around marketing your business on social media. This sets the stage for the second conversation about using t-shirts to promote your brand.

How do you sell t-shirts? What should you price t-shirts at?

Can a t-shirt business be profitable?

First of all, yes, a t-shirt business can be profitable, but it’s not easy. For a business that is focused on selling some other kind of product or service, I recommend looking at t-shirts as a way to build brand loyalty rather than a way to make profits.

Unless you’re operating in very large volume, it’s difficult to make much money from shirts because the margins are often slim. However, using t-shirts as a way to strengthen the connection you have with your audience is an effective strategy.

As you’re not losing money on the t-shirts, it can be a great addition to your brand—one that is welcomed by your audience.