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Embracing the Era of Access

We are simplifying everything at seanwes.

I strongly encourage you to watch the video above. I tried to summarize as much as I could for you in writing below, but you will miss things if you don’t watch the video.

We're shifting our model from one of ownership to one of access (think Netflix vs DVDs).

3 BIG Changes:

  1. ALL podcasts are now free.
    • Information wants to be free.
    • We have released all 600+ of our podcasts from the membership Vault. Everyone is now able to access the podcasts for free.
    • This change is now complete!
  2. ALL courses and classes are included with membership.
    • Membership is now about transformation instead of information.
    • We have added every program we offer to the membership—yes, premium courses included (Value-Based Pricing, Supercharge Your Writing, Learn Lettering, etc.). You can view all of our courses here.
    • One simple offer: become a member, get access to everything.
    • This change is now complete!
  3. ALL past master class customers will have their loyalty rewarded.
    • Past customers retain access to everything they've bought FOREVER (this is no longer an option with our new monthly access model).
    • We are reaching out to our past master class customers and giving them membership credit in the amount that they paid rounded up to the nearest full year.
    • This change is now complete!
    • Example:
      • Say you enrolled in the Value-Based Pricing program at $2,500. Access to that program is now available with membership for $99/mo. $2,500 divided by $99 is about 25 months. 24 months is two years, so that's just over two years.
      • Even still, I'm going to round up to the nearest full year. That means if you enrolled in Value-Based Pricing at $2,500, you will receive a full THREE years of membership.
      • You retain access to what you have forever, get three full years of membership, and can also access literally every other program we've ever made.
    • We are giving back well over $1,000,000 in membership credit to our most loyal customers.

Community Invigoration

When we reach out to over 1,000 of our very best customers and offer them years of membership credit, you can obviously imagine how much this is going to invigorate our community.

It's going to be nothing short of incredible.

When you combine this with the fact that ALL 600+ podcasts will now be free to the public, we are going to create a MOVEMENT.

seanwes tv Is Going on a Brief Pause!

I hate to do this—especially after just last month finally getting back to consistently doing daily videos 7 days a week—but I need to put seanwes tv on hold temporarily.

All of this change has all come about quite unexpectedly.

I just got back from a mastermind retreat where everything came together for me. I'm feeling clarity unlike what I have in years.

I'm feeling extremely good about this new direction. But there is quite a bit of work to do to make this happen!

  • Option A: Keep publishing videos on seanwes tv 7 days a week while trying to overhaul everything at seanwes.
    • Pro: I get to stay consistent and miss no days.
    • Con: This means it will take longer for all of you to realize the benefits of these new changes.
  • Option B: Take a short break from publishing seanwes tv videos to overhaul everything at seanwes.
    • Pro: We can deliver these new benefits much faster if I give it my full focus for a short period.
    • Con: This means no new seanwes tv videos for a few weeks.

I'm choosing Option B. I still very much believe in seanwes tv and plan to go all in just as soon as I'm back.

I don't anticipate that implementing the changes will take very long. I will be back to doing daily videos 7 days a week on seanwes tv soon!

Behind the Scenes Recording

Everything I've shared so far has essentially been the PR version of this update.

But there's so much more going on behind the scenes…

I spilled the beans on all of that secret stuff in the podcast I recorded last week. You can access the behind-the-scenes recording by jumping to 8:27 in the video above! (starts at 8:27)

I want to go back to our roots at seanwes. I want to iterate in public, document, and share the process.

I'm taking you along the journey.

While we work on redesigning our new membership landing page, there is a temporary placeholder page up where you can still become a member and get instant access to everything.