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seanwes tv is a daily video show with fiery inspiration on creativity and business.

Good news! For those of you who want seanwes tv on the go, it’s now available as an audio podcast in iTunes.

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You might notice that the podcast feed starts at episode 60. After the first 60 episodes of tv were shot, I ended up having to put seanwes tv on pause in February of 2015 to work on my Value-Based Pricing course at I also ended up doing a lot of speaking and traveling and hiring new employees over the summer along with launching version 2.0 of my popular hand lettering course at

seanwes tv remained on pause, but during this time, I still continue to podcast several times a week on my other shows on the seanwes network. Most prominently is the seanwes podcast which is a twice-a-week podcast that goes in depth on a lot of the topics you’ll hear me discuss here. It’s typically over an hour long, so it’s kind of like a ton of mini courses and at the time of this recording is by far the most popular show.

However, not everyone has the time to listen to longer shows so I’ve decided to bring back seanwes tv. Most episodes of seanwes tv are 10 minutes or less.

I’m taking the very best content from my other shows and distilling them down into bite-sized videos you can consume easily each day.

Because we invest so much in the audio quality of seanwes tv, it actually works phenomenally well as a standalone podcast—that’s what you’re listening to now.

Producing With a Podcast in Mind

The first 60 episodes are not available as podcasts because the show was not originally produced with a podcast in mind. From here on out, as I produce the video show, I’m also very conscious of the fact that it will be a podcast that many of you are only hearing. This is going to make your experience much better than it would if I simply continued with the format I did in the first 60 episodes. They’re still available and you can go check out the archive of videos but they won’t be in the feed here as podcast episodes.

Lastly, I’d encourage you to check out the other shows on the seanwes network. We pride ourselves on creating high-quality shows with excellent production value. The entire network is also 100% sponsor free and supported by the seanwes Community.

You will never have your listening experience interrupted by ads.

Now, it costs us thousands of dollars a month to produce these shows for you to listen to for free. If you’re enjoying them and you’d like to support us in continuing to be able to provide these shows for you, consider joining the Community.

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The Community is a memberships site where you can meet likeminded individuals with the same mindset who are eager to provide feedback and accountability to help you start your new business or take the one you have to the next level. We stream live shows every single day, there’s a mobile app, we have video hangouts, you’ll be able to attend exclusive events like seanwes conference and so much more, but more importantly, you support us in being able to deliver these shows to you every single day, without interruption.

I simply value your time too much to interrupt your experience so if you want to support us, we’d love to have you join.

I hope you enjoy the show and if you ever have any questions, comments or feedback, I’d love your input! Head over to and drop me a message.

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Thanks so much and I’ll talk to you in the next episode!