Can Value-Based Pricing Work for You?

Lesson 3

You may be wondering if Value-Based Pricing can work in your industry.

Can you apply it in your line of work?


What if you don’t know what the value of your work is? What if you’ve always had a hard time figuring it out?

Here’s the secret: you will actually never know.


Because you don’t define the value of your work.

The biggest misconception about Value-Based Pricing is thinking you define the value.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

But people still miss this crucial point.

You’re constantly guessing at what you think your work is worth.

Value Isn’t a Guessing Game

You’re going off of a ballpark idea of how much value you think your work might provide to the client, but that’s not what Value-Based Pricing is at all.

  • You never come up with the value.
  • You never guess the value.
  • You never determine the value.
  • You never learn to “figure out” the value.
  • You only ever follow the steps, ask the questions, listen to the client, and do the math.

Are you getting it?

You learn to ask the right questions so the client tells you the value.

Once you have the number from the client’s mouth, then it’s pure math.

But it’s not simple math. That’s why there are THREE custom-developed pricing tools included with Value-Based Pricing.

If it were simpler, we would have made it simpler.

The good news is…

You don’t actually have to know how much your work is worth.

Read that sentence again, it’s important.

All you need to know are the right questions to ask and when to ask them. That’s what we teach you inside Value-Based Pricing.

We show you exactly how to get your client to tell you what your work is worth. This guarantees the price you quote will always be a no-brainer to the client (thanks to some handy magic math).

How to Know With Certainty That You Are Using Value-Based Pricing

Here’s the litmus test…

  • Are you 100% certain the price you quote is fair to you?
  • Are you 100% certain the price you quote is fair to your client?
  • Are you 100% certain the price you quote is a complete no-brainer to your client and they will THANK you for it?
  • Is everyone happy with the price every time? (Not some of the time or most of the time.)
  • Are you always working with good clients and never working with bad clients ever?
  • Are you always following your process and never dealing with a client who tries to compromise your process?
  • Are you never working late?
  • Are you never making arbitrary or unnecessary changes?
  • Are you always using your contract and never signing your client’s contract?

If the answer is “no” to ANY of these questions, you’re not using Value-Based Pricing.

Value-Based Pricing guarantees your answer will be “YES!” to all of these questions every single time.


You Need a System


We are passionate about the process. We geek out about it. We spent hours, months, and years developing a bullet-proof system to doing client work and pricing professional services.

We have solved every client problem. Imagine every issue you’ve faced with clients that makes your life a living nightmare—gone.

That’s not something we say lightly. It’s something we worked on intently for years to solve.

We don’t want pricing to be a guessing game for you.

You DESERVE for it not to be a guessing game.

Let us help you do what you do best: focus on doing great work for your clients.

Exclusive 62-Minute Training: Learn to Price on Value

If you don’t know the value of your work, that’s okay! I’m going to show you how you can be confident in the prices you quote every time.

You’ll learn how to…

  • Start pricing with confidence.
  • Increase value and increase profits.
  • Find clients that pay what you’re worth.
  • Use simple tools to calculate project quotes.
  • Discover value beyond the client’s budget.
  • Learn the proven steps to pricing on value.
  • … and more.