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It sounds like you’re not quite ready for Value-Based Pricing—but don’t worry!

Getting your business to a place where you’re ready to invest isn’t as tough as it seems.

You need to know how you make your money. Sounds obvious, right? but so many people skip over this part! Click to watch the video above.

  • Who are you attracting?
  • What problems are you solving for them?
  • Can these people afford to pay you?
  • What systems do you have in place?

These are basic questions, but they are absolutely critical.

If you scale a business model that doesn’t work, you’ll just end up with a bigger bucket of holes.

Even though you may not be in a place where you have the financial resources to invest in Value-Based Pricing, that doesn’t mean we want to leave you high and dry.

Get Your Money Right

Get the training you need to put your business finanaces in order.

As a member, you have access to a variety of learning paths, but I want to draw your attention to one in particular—the Get Your Money Right Learning Path.

It includes all of the following:

  • You Have 90 Days to Build Sustainable Income – What Do You Do?
  • Why Your Parents Probably Can’t Teach You to Be Successful Get More Time in a Day, Increase Your Focus, and Accomplish All of – Your Goals
  • How to Build Business Assets the Smart Way
  • Reverse Engineering a $500,000/Year Business
  • Save, Build, Buy the Life You Want in Cash
  • The Importance of Cash Flow
  • How to Defeat Scarcity Mindset
  • How to Have Six Months of Income Saved in the Bank
  • Let’s Get Real About Why You’re Not Making Money

This is a fantastic place to start to getting your business to a place where you are able to invest in growth:


As a member, you also have 24/7 access to the Community. This is a tremendous resource—take advantage of it!

There are many Value-Based Pricing students in the Community and loads of people who have encountered (and solved) the same problems you’re facing right now.

Go start a conversation inside the Community.