No More Guessing – The Mathematical, Logical Way to Price

Lesson 1

We’ve Solved Every Client Problem for You

Value-Based Pricing is not just a course, it’s a complete client work system.

You can rely on the Value-Based Pricing system—it’s not something you have to worry or guess about.


I wish the same were true of my old IKEA chair.

A couple years ago, I was working overtime on a launch. I had worked over 200 hours in 13 days and was exhausted.

At the end of this particularly grueling 18-hour day, I leaned back in my chair to stretch out a little bit.


My IKEA chair broke in half.

I fell backwards into the mess of camera tripods and video equipment that were setup in the room.

There I am, sprawled all over the floor with bruises on my back and tripods with $3,000 cameras tipping over in slow motion. In desperation, I manage to grasp a leg of a tripod to prevent my expensive gear from crashing into the ground.

I saved the cameras.

My back, however, was not in great shape.

“I’m done with crappy chairs,” I said, Once and for all.”

In marketing, we ask ourselves about the pain point of our customers.

Well, I was in literal pain!

At that moment, I decided I would never again purchase a cheap chair.

So what did I do?

I got some scrap wood and cobbled together my own chair even though I knew nothing about making chairs.


Of course not!

Trying to make my own chair would have been a fool’s errand.

I’m no chair craftsman! If I’d have made my own chair, it would have looked something like this:

Can you imagine how much that would screw up my back?

Yet, this is exactly what you’re doing when you’re cobbling together your own system for doing client work.

You’re Cobbling Together a System and It’s Not Working

Rigging something up that doesn’t work properly or reliably is the surest way to guarantee failure.

Instead, I went on Amazon and searched for chairs that cost no less than $1,000.

I work too hard to sit in a chair that won’t support me when it counts.

You work too hard to guess when it comes to doing client work. You need a proven system you can trust and rely on.

You deserve to have confidence.

I wanted to sit in a chair that would support me—one that has integrity. I refused to pay less than $1,000. That’s how serious I was.

So I bought a Herman Miller Aeron chair.

This is what a $1,200 chair looks like:

Looks a bit different doesn’t it?

How long do you think it would take me to make a chair like that myself?

A lifetime.

I have two choices:

  1. I can dedicate years of my life to crafting the perfect chair.
  2. I can spend some money on a chair another person perfected that allows me to focus on doing great work.

I never think about my chair anymore.

The chair was made by team of professionals who dedicated their lives to crafting the perfect chair.

I don’t want to dedicate the rest of my life to trying to make chairs. I want to focus on my work.

Pricing Doesn’t Have to Be a Guessing Game


I don’t think you want to dedicate years of your life to coming up with a bullet-proof system for doing client work. I think you want to focus on doing great work.

  • How often do you think about client communication?
  • How often do you guess at the price you quote?
  • How often do you worry what the client will say or whether they’ll accept?

You should not be thinking about your system. Your system should be working for you.

You can either work IN your business or ON your business. You can’t do both at the same time.

We have solved every single one of your client problems with Value-Based Pricing.

  • Never work with bad clients again.
  • Get clients to trust you with every decision and never compromise your process.
  • Price with confidence, make more money (and have your clients THANK you for it).
  • Get exact scripts for how to reply to difficult client questions.
  • Follow a bullet-proof process and stop guessing at the next step.

You shouldn’t have to think about your system.

Once you learn to discover the value of your work, it opens all kinds of doors.

What is the true value of your work?

That’s what we talk about in the next lesson.

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Remember the office chair I talked about?

You can either spend years of your life learning to make the perfect chair or you can buy one from people who have dedicated their life to the craft.

We are passionate about the process. We geek out about it, we spent hours, months, and years developing a bullet-proof system to doing client work and pricing professional services.

We have solved every client problem. Imagine every issue you’ve faced with clients that makes life a living nightmare—gone.

Learn the Proven Steps to Pricing on Value

That’s not something we say lightly. It’s something we worked on intently for years to solve.

We don’t want pricing to be a guessing game for you.

You DESERVE for pricing not to be a guessing game.

Let us help you do what you do best: focus on doing great work for your clients.

  • No More Guessing – The Mathematical, Logical Way to Price
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